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Get to the bottom of real estate in Switzerland, and let's take a look at the trends that will shape it in 2017 and 2018. This material is distributed by J.P. Morgan Suisse SA to Switzerland, which is subject to the Swiss Securities and Exchange Commission (SSC) and the Attorney General's Office. Let us guide you through the reasons why real estate in France and Switzerland is a smart investment in 2018 and beyond.

Investors can finance their Swiss real estate tax efficiently as long as the rules for the thin capital endowment are observed. Foreign investors have the opportunity to structure their investments in Switzerland in the same way as in other countries. Swiss real estate companies that have their main business in Switzerland , they can structure and behave differently abroad than their business partners.

Swiss real estate can be invested directly by foreign investors, but is taxed irrespective of where the property is located in Switzerland. Swiss real estate invested by a foreign investor is often considered to be an investment in a property, such as a hotel, office building or even a private residence.

Although Zurich abolished the land transfer tax a few years ago, certain cantons, such as Basel and Zug, still apply it.

Of course, the choice of apartment in Zurich is largely determined by the location of the workplace or the university. Anyone who only wants to live in a defined area must be open to different types of housing and have a flexible budget, which makes it very difficult to find an ideal rental property outside Zurich. If you are Swiss and have a Swiss residence permit, you can buy property in any of the cantons.

Properties in Geneva and Lake Zurich are at the top end of the scale, while properties in rural areas are becoming significantly cheaper. Expats moving to Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne or Basel should expect to pay more and take longer to find a place. In fact, searches in Geneva or Zurich could take a month or two longer than if you were in a city outside the city.

So if you're looking for a little more space, you're more likely to head to Lake Zurich to enjoy a little more space and scenery. You can compare the cost of living in Zurich with that in your home city by using comparison websites such as Numbeo. Take a look at our short guide to renting in Switzerland to find a Zurich apartment that you can rent long term. Give yourself time to look around your area for opportunities and find the perfect place for you, but if you find it, think about it.

You can find reliable brokers here in Zurich, but you can also search for reputable brokers via the Swiss Real Estate Association's online property search engine. The site allows members to search by region, so if you're looking for an agency with real local knowledge, try out their recommendations here.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the cantons of Zug, Zurich and Schwyz have the highest rents. The median rent per square metre is CHF 2500 (EUR2000) for a two-bedroom apartment in Zurich. Properties in Switzerland are listed by number of living spaces, i.e. bedrooms and living rooms.

Although real estate costs are high in Switzerland, demand for rental properties in the city of Geneva is strong. Geneva has the highest number of owners - occupied apartments per square metre, while Zurich has some of the most expensive single-family houses. Although property prices in Geneva and the rest of Switzerland seem to have peaked, there are still many interesting investment opportunities, especially if you are in a city such as Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Schwyz or the cantons of Zurich and Zagreb.

If you want to know how to rent an apartment in Switzerland, you need to know that there are many options and you need to act quickly. Here are some things to help you prepare for the chance to find a rental property in Zurich.

For foreigners, the biggest obstacle will be the fact that you need a Swiss bank account to sign your Swiss lease and that your lease must be signed before you open it. If you want to buy a home in Switzerland, you must meet the financial requirements, as Swiss banks have strict affordability rules for mortgage applicants.

In Switzerland, the mortgage is the main method by which lenders try to protect themselves from borrowers defaulting. In connection with real estate, the loan is usually secured by a mortgage, but it is not customary in Switzerland to give a share as collateral. If you rent a house in Switzerland, you can rent it out to private individuals and families as long as it is in good condition.

Because the market in Zurich is so competitive, you often find fake advertisements and agents trying to get you to hand over your money before you have seen the apartment and signed the contract. In Zurich and other cities there are also a proportion of unethical individuals, but in the majority there are good landlords.

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