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The Park Hyatt Zürich has been located in the heart of Zurich, nestled between the Swiss Alps, since September 29, 2004. Just a few steps from the historic city centre and the famous St. Peter's Basilica, this is the dream of a design lover. Ceiling windows offer spectacular views of Zurich, complemented by warm, colourful interiors and an open-air lobby.

This helps to emphasize a sense of welcome culture and create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation that makes it the perfect haven for business and leisure travelers. The Hyatt Hotel also offers a variety of restaurants and bars, including Babel, where guests can enjoy all the flavors of the Middle East.

Dining options range from the cosmopolitan rooftop restaurant Sablier, which offers a beautiful view of the park, to the Leon Loft in the main square, which offers a variety of cocktails, wine and beer, as well as a wide selection of desserts. Lunch and dinner are served in a stylish and informal atmosphere. The refined and innovative restaurant serves lunch and dinner in an elegant and informal atmosphere, such as the main restaurant at the Hyatt.

The unparalleled services are perfectly complemented by the subtle decorations of the 142 rooms and suites, which offer luxurious amenities that compete with the latest communications technology. The meeting rooms of the hotel are equipped with modern facilities, including a private conference room and a meeting room for business meetings.

When you visit the Park Hyatt Zurich, you won't miss the modern art collection in the lobby, which makes the room look as much like a museum as a luxury hotel. The hotel was designed by Meili Peter Architekten AG from Zurich with an interior design concept designed by HBA Hirsch Bedner & Associates USA. Swiss qualities combined with the imaginative flair and taste that were brought into the project are the basis for the desire for the best in modern design and the highest standards of comfort and convenience. With a soft, modern and modern interior and a modern, contemporary exterior, the Hyatts in Zurich have been renovated by the most extensive of all hotels in Switzerland and worldwide.

The Presidential Suite on the 5th floor is one of the most luxurious and luxurious rooms in the Park Hyatt Zurich. It has an elegant interior with a large seating area, private dining area and open plan living area. The Presidential Suite features a spacious living room overlooking the lobby and the main lobby of the hotel.

The Park Hyatt Zürich offers its guests a wide range of hotel facilities and services in the urban City Hotel. Club Olympus Spa & Fitness complements the facilities of Urban City Hospitalities with its luxurious facilities, spa and fitness facilities. Hotel facilities at ParkHyatt Switzerland include a full-service fitness centre, a spa area and a fitness and wellness centre.

The Park Hyatt Zürich exudes creativity, uniqueness and comfort with its unique design, innovative design and adjacent ONYX Bar. ParkHyatt Regency offers a wide range of services and facilities tailored to the needs of its guests and guests of all ages and backgrounds. As one of the first Hyatt brand hotels in Zurich, Circle has an ingenious infrastructure where luxury amenities such as a spa, fitness, wellness and fitness centre, as well as training facilities, combine with an urban lifestyle.

The Park Hyatt Zurich is ideally suited to the needs of children travelling and offers a wide range of child-friendly services and facilities, including specially selected amenities for children of all ages and backgrounds, as well as its own childcare. ParkHyatt Switzerland offers hotel guests a variety of services, amenities and services tailored to the needs of its guests and guests of all ages.

The Park Hyatt Zürich offers a range of meeting rooms, including soundproofed rooms for business meetings, as well as a variety of private and public meeting rooms. ParkHyatts Zürich is the only hotel in Switzerland with its own childcare facilities and one of the largest and most popular child-friendly hotels in the city.

The hotel is ideal for business and leisure travellers as it is surrounded by large financial institutions. The Park Hyatt Zurich, one of Switzerland's most popular hotels, offers everything Zurich has to offer on your doorstep.

The Park Hyatt Zürich is located in the heart of the city centre, just a few blocks from the Zurich Congress Centre and close to many of Zurich's most popular restaurants and bars. The hotel is a good choice for business and leisure travellers as well as those with little money. Then sit down at the exclusive Park hyatt in Zurich or have a private dinner in one of the many restaurants or cafés.

There are 213 Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide, managed by two separate groups of companies. A subsidiary of Hyatts International Corporation operates and manages 89 hotel resorts in 39 countries, with a further 23 hotel properties under development. The site is already under construction and is currently in its final development phase with a step to move in and already to the site.

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