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Va. - Hilton Worldwide is seeking to launch the upscale Hilton Garden Inn brand in a growing business area in the greater Zurich area. The Inn Zürich Limmattal Hotel will be located on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland, south of Zug and will include the Hilton Garden Hotel and a number of restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

IHG Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotels if you stay at the hotel for a point and a handful of other great perks. You get a fifth night free when you book a stay, and there's also a free IHH Anniversary Night certificate that lets you use it for up to five nights at any of the hotels if you stay at that point, along with a few other "great perks," he said.

There are two Hiltons in Zurich and one in Davos, and you could cross the Italian border and take advantage of the status of a Hilton Lake Como. For example, you can earn 30,000 points for a night at the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn Zurich for up to $5,500 per night or $1,200 for five nights at one of the hotels.

Status Hilton is convenient, but the savings from status in Switzerland are undeniable, and Hilton is a good option if you are looking for accommodation near Zurich Airport. "You want to be within walking distance of the Old Town, while Imo found it far too noisy," he said. Hilton Switzerland Ltd. The Hilton Zurich, where you can stay up to $5,500 per night or $1,200 for five nights.

Form to receive free accommodation certificates and points from the hotel in exchange for the highest value in Switzerland. Use it to save money and you will find that Switzerland is cheap to have. In addition to free accommodation and certificates, Switzerland is a great place to redeem hard-earned hotel points.

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The pricing is what you would expect in Switzerland, although I think the proportion is tiny. The train costs between 13 and 60 francs for a 24-hour ticket, and the return journey from the airport to the hotel costs 5 francs. Uber costs around 30 Swiss francs per ride, but is free for the first 30 minutes of the ride, after that there are no additional charges. There is a Hilton at Zurich Airport, but this is less convenient to explore the city.

Many airport transfers pick you up sporadically from the airport and take you to the hotel according to a fixed timetable, but it is nice that the Hilton has a precise timetable. You can wait inside until the shuttle departs, and then take the train from the airport to get to Zurich city centre. This is practical and is appreciated, even if the 5 Swiss francs for the return transfer is a little ridiculous.

To get to the hotel from the airport, follow the sign on the hotel bus, and the shuttle bus stops at the Apart Hotel, which is located in the center of downtown Zurich, just a few blocks south of the Hilton Hotel.

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