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Switzerland is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, but when it comes to food, it is a gourmet paradise. Swiss wine is simply amazing and Switzerland could be dwarfed by its neighbours if it is produced in a variety of regions of the country, from the Alps to the Swiss Alps and even the Rhone Valley.

Particularly interesting are some products you probably won't find at home, such as wine, cheese, meat, cheese and dairy products from the Rhone Valley and the Alps.

The 9 foods listed above are a must - try dishes and snacks, but there are many other delicious foods you can find in Switzerland. So try Swiss dishes that you can get to know on the way, so make sure you try them during your visit and discover the delicious Swiss dishes that you enjoy. Also check out our list of the best Swiss books you can read and have a Swiss bucket list to visit all 23 books. Why not buy a Swiss cookbook and try them all at home or try some of our favourite recipes from our guide to Switzerland's most popular restaurants?

Chasselas, which grow in French-speaking Switzerland, are light, slightly sparkling white varieties, and most typically Swiss varieties are bees, but they are not too acidic and extremely drinkable. They are creamy like Vacherin and lighter than the light and slightly pearly whites. Most Swiss fondue fondue products are made from Swiss semi-soft cheese, which is made from raw cow's milk in Bulle, near Fribourg. The cheesy Swiss favourite fondue raclette is spoilt for choice in every cosy restaurant serving this traditional dish. Finding the best raclette in Zurich is impossible, however, as the dish of velvety melted cheese is virtually impossible, to no avail.

Swiss cheeses such as Chasselas, Bbebe, Chamomile and even some bergamot are often mixed with the fondue.

This traditional Swiss dish consists mainly of melted cheese, garlic and wine, which is eaten with a long-handled fork. The dish is called meat piece, a slice of veal, which is prepared with cream, onions, wine and sometimes mushrooms.

This dish, called Zuri Gschnatzlets in Swiss German, is unknown, but was first mentioned in a Swiss cookbook in 1947 and the first recipe comes from Zurich. There is no excuse not to try this famous Swiss dish, it is one of the most popular dishes in Switzerland.

If you are planning a holiday in Switzerland this summer and want to taste authentic Swiss dishes, this article features some of the most popular dishes you can choose from in the Swiss Alps. If you live either in French-speaking Switzerland or German-speaking Switzerland, you can live there for a long time without any problems.

Swiss cuisine has been influenced by many different cultures, such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Switzerland is known for its cheeses, which range from mild and nutty to rich and spicy.

This is a country where you can find seasonal cheeses, and Switzerland is adorned with an exotic cheeses. VisitOne explores Switzerland to learn more about Swiss chocolates and to travel with cheese and dairy products. Swiss Food Tours offers you culinary brunch and dinner experiences where we get to know the most famous Swiss dishes. There are Swiss culinary day tours, where you can learn a lot about cheese and chocolate in a short time.

While we're talking about famous foods in Zurich, the Swiss dish is essentially Zurich's braised meat. You will be pleased to know that there are many street food options on offer during your holiday in Switzerland, which you can try especially when visiting Switzerland. If you are spending a tailor-made holiday in Switzerland with the travel triangle, you should definitely try some delicious traditional Swiss dishes. You are not vegetarian, so you can taste delicious and traditional Swiss cuisine with friends and family in the city of Zurich or in other parts of the country.

Originally, the Rosti was eaten by the farmers of Bern as a cheap and simple breakfast. Crushed on the outside and melting on the inside, it is a popular Swiss food and has been enjoyed since the 1940s, when it first appeared in cookbooks.

It is also considered a national dish in Switzerland and as the only Community dish it can be difficult to track down such meals. The only dish that really became known worldwide and symbolised Swiss cuisine is fondue, especially cheese fondue, which was a hit in the 1970s and 1980s but has since disappeared. Fondue is still popular in the Swiss Alps and is one of the most popular dishes in Switzerland.

Those who go halal hunting in Zurich should definitely visit this relaxed Turkish joint. If you want to indulge in a Swiss staple, make sure you visit Zurich's most famous restaurant, which is recognized as the oldest continuously served vegetarian restaurant in the world. Around Zurich there are a number of restaurants where you can enjoy local dishes and try them yourself, such as the highly rated Swiss Chuchi restaurant, which is good in itself.

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