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The international art world flocks to Zurich Art Weekend, just as it flocks to Art Basel for the Olympic Games. Art fairs are good for discovering, but ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH is creating a new approach to art fairs of the future. The Migros Museum has its combined art spaces and we invite you to collect many extraordinary galleries and exhibition centres in the world - the famous Lowenbrau area in Zurich.

Together, these Swiss national museums form one of the largest and most important collections of modern and contemporary art in the world. The main building also houses Switzerland's largest collection of contemporary and modern art, the Swiss Museum of Modern Art in Zurich.

Each of the three stages presents the changing history and different cultures of Switzerland and provides an insight into the factors that make Switzerland what it is. Every work of art at the art fair is imbued with a personal connection to the artist or artists, who are often present in person.

Carroll Dunham is represented in the Eva Presenhuber Gallery, and a recent painting of a wrestler shows geometric genitalia from the tip of the penis to the toes. Elsewhere in the building, there are more unusual and beguiling depictions of phallus. Even more accessible is the collection of works by artists such as Jean-Claude Van Gogh, which is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Geneva and the Swiss Art Gallery in Zurich.

If other European collectors meet in the city for the Zurich Art Weekend, that would be the icing on the cake. They are all on view at the Museum of Modern Art in Geneva, the Swiss Art Gallery in Zurich and Eva Presenhuber.

To my knowledge, there are only a handful of galleries in the city that have more than one exhibition a year. That's why I've compiled a list of our favorite places where we can see established and emerging artists from around the world in Zurich.

The Kunstmuseum Zürich, a collection of works by some of the world's best artists from the past, present and future.

The museum brews the Zurich beer of the same name, which is brewed by one of the most famous breweries in Switzerland, the Zurich Brewery, and the museum itself.

Originally founded by Charlemagne, whose statue towered over one of the towers, the church became the main setting where Huyldrich Zwingli initiated the Swiss Reformation in 1519. The church is more than a block in Zurich, and the Reformation Museum is located in the cloister. Some excellent examples are brewed, including the Church of St. Peter, which has been extended by a four-set clock. This includes a large collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art from all over the world, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

The buildings improve the presentation and perception of Kirchner's art, with views of the alpine landscape shaping his Swiss work. Surrounded by mighty mountains and lakes, Zurich is bedridden to know its place, but as Switzerland's largest city, it seems to be keen to expand its more remote areas. It has spread further away from the river and expanded to Bahnhofstrasse, where international labels can be found.

The Hauser & Wirth Gallery is an exceptional addition to the Lowenbrau complex, which houses the world's greatest masters of modern and contemporary art. This extraordinary gallery has become a pioneer in today's art scene, and the White Cube stands out as an appealing cube. A successful personal art presentation can also be found in the museum, as well as in a number of other galleries and museums.

The fair established itself as a public fair in Zurich and has since developed into an institution on the Swiss art market that art lovers cannot ignore.

Many of Zurich's artists are among the most influential and influential of their time, and the mission of Hauser & Wirth Verlag to preserve their works is a testament to their commitment to Zurich's art and culture.

In recent years, exhibitions at the Kunsthaus have not attracted the same attention as those at the two museums in Basel, and the Migros Museum is a fitting neighbour. The Gothic building with its adjoining Gothic buildings is exceptionally rich in important works from prehistory and Roman times. In addition to its rapidly growing status as one of Switzerland's most renowned art cities, Basel has a large number of museums and galleries as well as an impressive collection of art galleries.

The Migros Museum for Contemporary Art, founded in 1996, sees itself as a place where art can be created and viewed. The museum has abandoned the testing and testing of works and has preferred to exhibit art that has been created in close collaboration and interaction with the artists themselves. In anticipation of the bustle, around a dozen art galleries have already established themselves in the city, concentrating on Ramistraße, Eva Presenhuber Galerie and Bromer. Although Zurich is not the dominant art city in Switzerland, it feels as if renowned artists have come here to show their works, especially in recent years.

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